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About Our Full Exterior Protection Package

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective way of protecting your car, truck, SUV, or other vehicle from road debris and environmental exposure in Johnson County, Kansas – the Ultimate Armor Package is perfect for you.

Ultimate armor black CP Elite West Kansas City | Ceramic Coating, PPF, Window TintThe Ceramic Pro Ultimate Armor Package is an Elite Dealer Exclusive service offering. If you live in West Kansas City, our Elite Dealer location is the only place you can have it installed.

Ceramic Pro Elite West Kansas City begins the process by completing paint correction. This will remove micro-scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections in the paint job. Once the prep work is completed, we will install KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film as a full-front installation that protects the high-strike areas of a car, truck, or SUV.

This helps protect the front of your vehicle from road debris including gravel, tree limbs, glass, and other items on Johnson County roads and highways. This helps to prevent rock chips, scratches, and damage due to environmental toxins, and exposure to the elements.

Once the PPF has been installed, we’ll finish the job by applying Ceramic Pro’s lifetime ceramic coating package on other exterior components. We choose to use Next Gen ION coatings – because your vehicle deserves the best. 

Ultimate Armor is the exclusive comprehensive vehicle appearance package supported by a lifetime warranty – verified on your vehicle’s Carfax Appearance Protection Service Reporting tool.

We serve those living in Overland Park, Lenexa, Leawood, Prairie Village, Lees Summit, and Johnson County towns and cities. If you’re interested in protecting your vehicle with the Ultimate Armor Package – contact us for a FREE consultation.

Complete Exterior Protection - Guaranteed!
Why Ultimate Armor Makes Sense

ceramic pro exclusive products

At Ceramic Pro Elite West Kansas City, we only use the best paint protection film and ION ceramic coating technology for our Ultimate Armor Packages.

Seamless installation of PPF and Coatings

Our expert PPF installers are exceptionally talented. We take time to carefully remove OEM badging, clips, and other components to ensure the PPF is clean and hardly noticeable.

service after the installation

This lifetime exterior surface protection package requires an annual inspection to be completed at a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer. We're here to help you with routine maintenance and annual inspections.

Aftercare Instruction and Products

Ceramic Pro Americas recommends Americana Global Vinyl & PPF Shampoo, Detail Spray, or Rinseless Wash to maintain your Ultimate Armor Package. We offer those products at our shop for you.

Full Exterior Protection Packages in Kansas City

Kansas City’s bustling streets and unpredictable weather can take a toll on your vehicle’s paint job. Enter the world of full exterior protection packages, a guardian angel for your car’s aesthetics. These packages are not just a luxury; they’re an investment in preserving your vehicle’s showroom shine.

Full exterior protection packages offer a robust defense against the elements, warding off everything from UV rays to road salts. They typically include a mix of high-tech solutions such as ceramic coatings and paint protection films. Each element plays a strategic role in maintaining your car’s pristine appearance.

The information below will drive you through the lanes of Kansas City’s car care industry, focusing on ceramic coatings, KAVACA Paint Protection Film, and other aftermarket solutions. Get ready to learn why professional detailing services are worth your attention and how they can provide not just cleaning but lasting protection for your prized vehicle.

Full Exterior Protection Packages are comprehensive aftermarket vehicle protection solutions designed to shield your car’s exteriors from environmental elements and everyday wear and tear.

They encompass a variety of products and technologies, such as Ceramic Pro’s nanotechnology coatings and KAVACA Paint Protection Film, aiming to preserve the aesthetic appeal and maintain the factory finish of your vehicle.

The installation process of these packages is meticulous, ensuring that even hard-to-reach areas like side-view mirrors are covered. These packages typically offer a variety of protection levels, with some including a LIFETIME WARRANTY for added peace of mind.

The Benefits of investing in Full Exterior Protection Packages

Investing in a Full Exterior Protection Package provides numerous benefits:

  • Long-Term Preservation: It maintains the entire exterior in pristine condition, preserving the vehicle’s aesthetic and resale value.
  • Resistance to Elements: The coatings and films offer resistance against common aggressors such as road salt, tree sap, bird droppings, and industrial fallout.
  • Damage Protection: They provide a barrier against rock chips, road debris, and minor abrasions, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs.
  • Enhanced Durability: Utilizing nanotechnology, these packages offer a durable solution that withstands various environmental challenges.
  • Ease of Cleaning: With these coatings, vehicles become easier to clean, as dirt and grime are less likely to adhere to the surface.

Full Exterior Protection Packages safeguard your vehicle’s exterior through advanced technologies:

  • Ceramic Coatings: They form a hydrophobic layer on the vehicle, making it harder for contaminants to bond with the paint.
  • KAVACA PPF: A clear film that absorbs impacts from debris, effectively preventing scratches and dings.
  • Nanotechnology: Coatings based on this technology fill microscopic pores in the paint, creating a smooth, protective shell.

All these elements work in synergy to create a robust defense against daily driving hazards and environmental damage.

A typical Full Exterior Protection Package would include:

  • Ceramic Coatings: Application of Ceramic Pro or equivalent on all painted surfaces.
  • Paint Protection Film (PPF): KAVACA or similar high-quality PPF applied to vulnerable areas such as the front bumper, hood, and side mirrors.
  • Professional Detailing: Pre and post-installation detailing to ensure a clean installation and perfect finish.
  • Warranty and Service Documentation: Provision of a warranty, often a LIFETIME WARRANTY, and an entry in the Carfax Vehicle Service History Report.
    This all-encompassing package ensures every inch of your vehicle’s exterior is fortified against the trials of the road.

Ceramic Coatings: The Ultimate Exterior Protection

Ceramic coatings are at the forefront of cutting-edge automotive surface protection. This innovative solution encapsulates the vehicle in a protective shield that not only enhances the appearance but also furnishes the exterior with exceptional durability.

Harnessing the power of nanotechnology, ceramic coatings bond with the substrate of your vehicle’s paint at a molecular level, creating a persistent and resilient layer that stands guard against various forms of damage.

Understanding ceramic coatings and their benefits

Ceramic coatings transcend traditional waxes with their long-lasting properties. By forming a chemically resistant surface, they safeguard the paint from blemishes caused by acidic contaminants, UV rays, and other corrosive substances.

This hydrophobic layer repels water, making droplets bead up and roll off, taking dirt and grime with them— a phenomenon that greatly eases maintenance. The slick surface not only remains cleaner for longer but also exhibits an enriched gloss, giving your vehicle a consistently showroom-ready look.

The installation process of ceramic coatings

The key to harnessing the full potential of a ceramic coating lies in its installation process, which demands precision and expertise. Professional detailing technicians often embark on a multi-step regimen that includes:

  • Thorough cleaning: The exterior is deeply cleansed to remove any impurities.
  • Paint correction: Any blemishes or swirl marks on the paint are corrected.
  • Application: The ceramic coating is methodically applied to the vehicle’s surfaces.
  • Curing: Coating must cure, often requiring the car to sit undisturbed, to allow the solution to fully bond.

Different types of ceramic coatings available for exterior protection

Various grades of ceramic coatings cater to different needs and budgets, such as:

  • Entry-level coatings: Which might offer 1 to 2 years of protection, suitable for lease returns or short-term solutions.
  • Professional-grade coatings: That can provide lifetime protection with warranties to match, favored by those looking for long-term solutions.

Remember, a high-quality ceramic coating requires professional application to ensure its effectiveness, and it’s critical to choose a product and service that matches your vehicle’s exposure and your personal needs.

KAVACA Paint Protection Film for Superior Protection

In the realm of aftermarket vehicle protection industry, KAVACA Paint Protection Film stands out as a premier shield for safeguarding your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. This innovative product is designed to deliver uncompromising defense against the elements and road hazards, extending the life of your vehicle’s paint job and maintaining its factory finish.

Introducing KAVACA Paint Protection Film and its advantages

KAVACA Paint Protection Film is engineered utilizing cutting-edge technology to offer an invisible barrier over your car’s paint. This film is infused with nanotechnology coatings, which gives it self-healing properties. Scratches and swirls that mar the surface can magically disappear with heat exposure from sunlight or hot water. Here are some advantages that make KAVACA stand apart:

  • Self-Healing Feature: Minor scratches vanish, keeping the film and your car looking pristine.
  • Hydrophobic Properties: It repels water and contaminants like bird droppings and tree sap much more effectively than factory paint alone.
  • Resistance to Stains: Ensures protection against industrial fallout and road salt, which can etch into the surface over time.
  • UV Protection: Blocks harmful UV rays that can cause fading and oxidation to the vehicle’s paintwork.
  • Enhanced Gloss: Augments the vehicle’s appearance with a high-gloss finish that complements its contours.

How KAVACA Paint Protection Film provides protection against rock chips and road debris

One of the primary concerns for vehicle owners is the damage sustained from rock chips and road debris. KAVACA Paint Protection Film acts as a formidable barrier, absorbing the impact of small stones and pebbles, thereby preventing them from directly hitting and chipping the paint. It’s so effective that areas prone to such damage, like front bumpers, hoods, and side-view mirrors, can be kept unblemished even in harsh driving conditions.

The installation process and advantages of KAVACA Paint Protection Film

The installation of KAVACA Paint Protection Film is a meticulous process facilitated by professional technicians to ensure a flawless, clean installation. Trained experts at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers undergo a rigorous manufacturer training program to master the art of application. The process, when distilled into key steps, includes:

  1. Pre-Installation: The entire exterior is thoroughly washed to ensure a contaminant-free surface.
  1. Paint Correction: Any existing blemishes or imperfections on the paint are addressed and corrected.
  1. Precise Application: Custom-cut pieces of the film are applied strategically to the vehicle’s surfaces with precision.
  1. Final Inspection: The vehicle is inspected rigorously to certify a seamless finish and optimal performance.

Here are the core advantages of going through the professional installation process:

  • Tailored Fit: Every film is cut to fit your specific vehicle model ensuring complete coverage and protection.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing the installation is backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY when maintained properly.
  • Enhanced Resale Value: Protection that lasts and maintains the aesthetic appeal can contribute to higher resale values.
  • Verified Protection: Integration with the Carfax Vehicle Service History Report provides a verifiable record of the protection applied.

Each step of the installation is critical in guaranteeing that the film remains virtually invisible and functions effectively, providing exceptional protection and peace of mind for the vehicle owner.

Protecting the exterior of a vehicle is crucial for multiple reasons. Primarily, it shields the paint and surface from environmental aggressors like UV radiation, tree sap, bird droppings, and industrial fallout, all of which can cause significant damage over time.

Additionally, an exterior protection package provides a barrier against minor scrapes and scratches from road debris that can compromise the integrity and aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. Investing in a quality protection package not only preserves the vehicle’s look but also contributes to maintaining its value, making it an essential consideration for any vehicle owner.

Why It is Important to Protect Your Vehicle’s Exterior Surfaces

Exterior surfaces of vehicles are under constant assault from factors that can deteriorate their condition. Without protection, the paint can dull, and the surface can corrode, leading to costly repairs and diminished value.

Protection packages like ceramic coatings or paint protection films offer robust defense against common corrosive substances and physical abrasions. As a result, they play a pivotal role in preserving the vehicle’s appearance and by extension, shielding the owner’s investment.

How Exterior Protection Can Maintain Your Vehicle’s Factory Finish

Maintaining a vehicle’s factory finish is about more than just aesthetic appeal – it’s about preserving the vehicle’s structural integrity and resale value. Exterior protection like Ceramic Pro’s coatings or KAVACA paint protection film can act as a second skin for the vehicle.

These solutions not only protect against blemishes but thanks to their hydrophobic properties and resistance to stains, they help to maintain the vehicle’s just-off-the-assembly-line appearance. The use of nanotechnology coatings ensures that the finish remains resilient and lustrous for years to come.

The Long-term Benefits of Investing in Exterior Protection

The benefits of investing in a comprehensive exterior protection package are both immediate and long-term:

  • Preservation of Vehicle Appearance: Keeps the car looking newer and cleaner for an extended period.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: The protective layer makes cleaning easier and reduces the frequency and cost of detailing services.
  • Increased Resale Value: A well-maintained exterior is a significant selling point for potential buyers.
  • Warranty Assurance: Packages like those offered by Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers often come with a lifetime warranty, providing additional peace of mind.

With the commitment to professionalism ushered in by a rigorous manufacturer training program and the integration with services like the Carfax Vehicle Service History Report, these protection packages are a wise and fruitful investment for any car owner.

Aftermarket Surface Protection Solutions

In the aftermarket vehicle protection industry, vehicle owners seeking to preserve the integrity and appearance of their cars turn to cutting-edge surface protection solutions. These protective offerings such as ceramic coatings and KAVACA Paint Protection Film, are designed not only to shield the paint but also secure a vehicle’s entire exterior from the harshness of the environment and the rigors of everyday use.

These solutions have advanced significantly, leveraging nanotechnology to offer a layer of armor against elements such as UV rays, road salt, tree sap, industrial fallout, and even minor abrasions caused by road debris.

With offerings that range from full-front installations to complete coverage, and the promise of a clean installation process, aftermarket surface protection is a smart investment for maintaining a pristine factory finish.

Exploring the options for aftermarket surface protection

When considering protecting a vehicle’s exterior, the aftermarket industry offers a variety of solutions tailored to fit different needs and levels of coverage desired. Ceramic coatings, originating from nanotechnology, create a chemical bond with the vehicle’s paint, providing a durable, shiny finish that is resistant to staining and offers ease of cleaning.

On the other hand, paint protection films, such as KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film, present a physical barrier, guarding against rock chips, scratches, and the wear and tear from daily driving. Packages can vary significantly, from basic protection of high-impact areas like side-view mirrors and front bumpers to comprehensive coverage aiming for full exterior protection.

Understanding the differences between ceramic coatings and paint protection films

While both ceramic coatings and paint protection films serve to protect a vehicle’s exterior, they come with distinct properties and benefits.

Ceramic coatings are liquid polymers that, when applied, bond with the vehicle’s paint, providing a high-gloss finish that enhances the factory paint. Their hydrophobic nature repels water and dirt, making the vehicle easier to clean and less susceptible to staining from contaminants like bird droppings or tree sap.

Paint protection films, or PPF, are urethane-based materials applied to the exterior of vehicles to protect the paint from physical damages such as chips or scratches. Unlike ceramic coatings, PPF is a thicker material that offers a more substantial protective barrier. Some films like KAVACA PPF also incorporate ceramic coating on top for maximum protection and shine.

What to consider when choosing aftermarket surface protection solutions

Selecting the right aftermarket surface protection calls for careful consideration of various factors. Vehicle owners should contemplate the level of protection they seek, driving conditions, aesthetic preferences, maintenance commitment, and budget.

The presence of a LIFETIME WARRANTY can be a significant factor, indicative of the product’s durability and the manufacturer’s confidence in its performance. It is also essential to evaluate the level of customer service, professionalism of the installation team, and whether they adhere to the manufacturer’s rigorous training program for a clean and quality installation.

Moreover, compatibility with services like the Carfax Vehicle Service History Report ensures the addition of protection is appropriately documented, potentially enhancing the vehicle’s resale value. Prioritizing these considerations will lead to an informed decision that aligns with both protection needs and personal preferences.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Ultimate Armor

The Ultimate Armor exterior protection package in Kansas City is specifically tailored to your vehicle. It starts with a full front installation of KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film. We apply the film to areas that are more prone to impact, like the front bumper, hood, side-view mirrors, and more.

The PPF installation is designed to deflect small road debris, protect the factory finish from minor scratches, and help prevent rock chips.

At Ceramic Pro Elite West Kansas City, our Ultimate Armor package next step is to apply Ceramic Pro’s Next Gen ION coatings to the rest of the vehicle’s exterior. This way, we make sure that every inch is shielded from harmful UV rays, chemical contaminants, natural toxins, and more.

Whether you live in Overland Park, Lenexa, Leawood, Prairie Village, Lees Summit or other cities in Johnson County, the warranty for your Ultimate Armor Package is identical. Ceramic Pro’s Ultimate Armor is the World’s First Complete Exterior Vehicle Protection Package, proudly backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty!

Plus, it’s all documented on the vehicle’s Carfax Vehicle Service History Report. How awesome is that?

The warranty is transferrable to the new car owner if you sell it privately. However, since it’s attached to your VIN, any future owner is covered. However, it’s important to note that the warranty will require you to visit our Elite Dealer location for an annual inspection.

The new Ultimate Armor package is only available through Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers in North and South America. These Elite Dealers go through intensive factory training to guarantee their expertise and precision in installing Ceramic Pro coatings and films.

The Ultimate Armor package demands expert finesse in flawlessly applying PPF and Ceramic Pro coatings tailored to different materials. Our Elite Dealer possess the essential training and mastery, delivering customer service that complements the exceptional caliber of the Ceramic Pro brand.

The Ultimate Armor package is a powerful fusion of paint protection film and ceramic coatings. To keep your vehicle looking flawless, Ceramic Pro Americas recommends a bi-weekly wash using the incredible Americana Global Vinyl & PPF Soap.

This versatile car shampoo is not only pH neutral, but also enriched with foaming agents, making it perfect for a foam cannon or traditional two-bucket car wash. It contains no wax so it won’t leave a residue.

If you’re in an area with water restrictions or you just prefer washing your vehicle in a garage or shop, you might want to check out Americana Global Rinseless Wash. It’s a great product for keeping your ride clean and shiny! And for quick touch-ups or in-between maintenance, give Americana Global Detail Spray a try. It’s highly recommended!

The best news – you can stock up on your Americana Global Detailing Products at Ceramic Pro Elite West Kansas City.