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Our Elite Dealer West Kansas City location is your #1 destination for professional installation of Ceramic Pro coatings, PPF, and window tint. We are your trusted Ceramic Pro Installer in Kansas City and your one-stop-shop for all surface protection and auto restyling services. 

Ceramic Pro is the exclusive manufacturers of Next Generation nanoceramic coatings, paint protection film, and ceramic window tint. As a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer serving Johnson County Kansas and cities within West Kansas City, we exclusively offer the full complement of Ceramic Pro auto restyling products.

As the leading Ceramic Pro installer in Kansas City, we’re able to protect your car with coatings, PPF, window tinting – or all three during the same appointment. This not only saves you time and money but ensures that all products work seamlessly together.

Our team at Ceramic Pro Elite West Kansas City is ready to help you find the perfect protective solution for your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat, or commercial vehicle.

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The next generation of ceramic coating technology!

ceramic pro ion chart CP Elite West Kansas City | Ceramic Coating, PPF, Window Tint

Searching for the best ceramic coating in Kansas City will lead you to several options. From DIY spray coatings to nanoceramic 9H coatings with documented warranties.

Ceramic Pro created the original 9H ceramic coating which revolutionized the industry. But thanks to advancements in manufacturing technology, Ceramic Pro is back at it, shaking up the ceramic coating industry with the release of Ceramic Pro ION and ION Top Coat.

Ceramic Pro ION is a cutting-edge two-component ceramic coating system that leverages revolutionary ION Exchange Technology to seamlessly integrate multiple coating layers, resulting in an exceptionally resilient and solid protected surface.

This coating technology increases the strength of the atomic bond within the two coatings, forming one, solid, durable, and thick layer of protection the original substrate once applied.

The result? A ceramic coating that’s twice as durable, reliable, and long-lasting as traditional nanoceramic coatings.

And if you live or work in Johnson County Kansas, you can only find it at Ceramic Pro Elite West Kansas City.

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KAVACA Ultimate IR Logo 2 CP Elite West Kansas City | Ceramic Coating, PPF, Window Tint

a luxury window film that provides industry leading heat rejection!

There are several fantastic window films available from window tinters in Overland Park, Lenexa, Leawood, Prairie Village, Lees Summit, and Johnson County. Some of them are great at blocking heat from entering your car – but have problems with reducing satellite or mobile signals.

Most ceramic window tint in Kansas City helps to reduce signal interference, but doesn’t have the IR rejection of these high-technology films.

KAVACA Ultimate IR offers the best of both world – industry leading heat rejection in multiple VLTs, with crystal clear signal strength and visual clarity. These unique attributes make Ultimate IR the World’s FIRST Luxury Ceramic Window Film.

Utilizing advanced nano ceramic technology, this top performing ceramic window tint blocks up to 98% of all Infrared Radiation. It also keeps your family safe from nearly 100% of harmful UV radiation.

This represents the highest performing heat rejecting window film ever created. It is exclusively offered at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers – such as Ceramic Pro Elite West Kansas City.

Want the BEST Ceramic Tint in Kansas City?
Ultimate armor black CP Elite West Kansas City | Ceramic Coating, PPF, Window Tint

The world's only full exterior lifetime guaranteed package!

While ceramic coatings are great for protecting your vehicle from environmental exposure, they’re not scratch proof. Paint protection film provides this superior protection, but the cost of wrapping your entire car, truck, or SUV with PPF can be too much for many Johnson County residents. The Elite Dealer Exclusive Ultimate Armor Package is that perfect balance.

Ultimate Armor is a game-changing package that encompasses the perfect fusion of KAVACA Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro’s ION ceramic coatings, providing unparalleled full exterior protection that will leave your vehicle looking flawless and shielded from the elements and road debris.

The Paint Protection Film is like armor for your car, truck, or SUV, shielding the high-strike areas from rock chips, road debris scratches, and the harsh effects of the elements. With Ceramic Pro Next Gen ION coatings, the rest of your vehicle’s exterior gets the ultimate protection it deserves! .

Ultimate Armor is the exclusive comprehensive vehicle appearance package supported by a lifetime warranty – meticulously recorded on your vehicle’s Carfax Appearance Protection Service Reporting tool. It offers unparalleled protection against rock chips, scratches, road debris, oxidation, staining, and fading.


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