Exploring the Benefits of PPF Installation in Kansas City in 2023

Paint protection film Kansas City

Whether you drive a brand-new Ford Mach E Mustang in Overland Park, or a new Dodge 2500 pick-up in Lenexa, most residents of Johnson County, Kansas go out of their way to protect their new vehicles from road debris. This leads many of them to hop on Google to explore the benefits of PPF installation in Kansas City.

Now – let’s be clear. Paint protection film or PPF is not for everyone. And it’s not necessary to have the entire vehicle wrapped in clear bra material (another name for PPF) to get the best protection against road debris, natural toxins, resistance to stains, or our harsh weather in the winter and summer seasons.

Nevertheless, investing in paint protection film – especially on your high strike areas is a fantastic investment in keeping your factory finish in OEM condition for years. It simply offers layers of protection for your factory paint job that any other product can’t.

In the information below, we’re going to explain why it’s a good idea for residents of Leawood, Prairie Village, Lees Summit, and other cities in Johnson County to consider paint protection film installation services at Kansas City’s Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers.

How Paint Protection Film Works

If you’ve heard of PPF but not sure what it is, here is a crash course. Paint protection film is a lightweight yet tough thermoplastic urethane. It’s usually transparent, but there are some PPF manufacturers that offer colored or dyed film.

Additionally, there are transparent films available that can provide your vehicle with a matte finish. This cost-effective alternative allows you to transform the appearance of your car without having to spend thousands on repainting or altering the clear coat.

PPF, or Paint Protection Film, surpasses vinyl in strength without the need for extra weight or thickness. It provides remarkable resistance to scratches, swirl marks, stone chips, bug splatters, bird droppings, and even minor impacts from gravel or road debris.

What Does Paint Protection Film Protect Against in Kansas City?

When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint, you have several options to consider. However, if you’re looking for the ultimate defense that offers unparalleled protection against damage, Paint Protection Film in Kansas City (PPF) is the way to go.

PPF forms a strong bond with your vehicle’s paint, whether it’s the factory finish, partial fenders, or any other surface, creating a thin yet highly effective shield. With PPF, you can ensure your vehicle’s paint stays pristine and protected.

When the film is installed, it prevents multiple pieces of debris from scratching or chipping your painted surfaces including:

  • Gravel: PPF is extremely strong and it’s nearly impossible for smaller rocks to penetrate the film and scratch your paintjob. However, it can’t prevent small dings. If that gravel rock is big enough, it might cause a small dent under the right situations. Generally, damage from rock chips is a thing of the past with PPF. 
  • Tire Chunks: It’s common for many semi-trucks driving down I-35 or daily drivers to shred a tire. When that happens, small chunks of solid rubber and steel belts often cover the highway. If one of those tire chunks hits a section of your vehicle with PPF, it won’t scratch the paint or leave scuff marks.
  • Road Salt: During the winter, those snowplows spray liquid road salt on the highways and city roads. Since salt is corrosive, installing PPF – especially a ceramic coated paint protection film, protects the paint, and makes it easier to wash off.
  • Tree Branches: Summer thunderstorms bring the threat of tornados and high winds. This typically causes small tree branches to break off and strike your vehicle’s front end. PPF blocks this type of debris as well
  • Other Items: This invisible film also protects the vehicle from road debris not mentioned above, against acid rain, chemicals, and rock chips.  

Why is it Recommended to Apply Paint Protection Film in Kansas City?

For vehicle owners in Kansas City, preserving their vehicle’s resale value is a top priority. That’s why many of them view applying paint protection film as a smart investment. And you know what? They’re absolutely right!

For car, truck, SUV, and RV owners seeking the ultimate protection against scratching, paint oxidation, and clear coat damage, PPF is highly recommended.

When it comes to comparing the cost of installing paint protection film versus a ceramic coating, going for PPF on the entire vehicle is always pricier. However, most professional detailers suggest opting for a clear bra or full front PPF with ceramic coating on the rest of the surfaces.

This is known as the new Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer exclusive Ultimate Armor Package.

The idea is to shield areas that are more likely to get hit by road debris, like the front grille, bumper, hood, and side-view mirrors. These are usually the first sections to be installed.

Other areas of the vehicle such as the windows, roof, sides, the rear, and wheels can be ceramic coated.

A few situations where PPF installation is recommended would include:

  • If you’re thinking about buying a leased vehicle, consider getting a PPF installation to avoid pricey paint repairs. It’s a smart move, especially for luxury vehicles.
  • Taking care of delicate paint. Some modern cars have super soft clear coats that are more prone to damage. Tesla’s fall into this category.
  • For those residing in areas with abundant road debris, gravel roads, construction, or tree branches, paint protection film can be a fantastic solution to keep your vehicle safe and sound!

How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

KAVACA, 3M, and XPEL paint protection film are seriously top-notch aftermarket options. Now, here’s the deal – they’re not designed to fix any paint damage on your car. But guess what? There are some cool products out there infused with nanotechnology that can provide additional longevity and produce glossy paint. 

introducing the ultimate armor p CP Elite West Kansas City | Ceramic Coating, PPF, Window Tint

KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film is one of these products that provides an extra level of protection.

Most PPF brands and specific product lines give you warranties of 10+ years. The coolest thing is, the CARFAX® Vehicle Service History Report documents the best paint protection film installations. This can really boost your vehicle’s resale value, especially if you’re selling it to a private owner.

What is the Top Brand of Paint Protection Film for 2023?

As we mentioned above, technology has improved the longevity and effectiveness of protective paint films for cars.

KAVACA® Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film is the latest evolution of our dedication to forward thinking. It is infused with proprietary nanotechnology – permitting the top layer to heal minor scratches, while also maintaining a hydrophobic surface.

Ceramic Pro’s paint protection film is also available in a matte finish – which gives car lovers an affordable way to change the appearance of their vehicle without having to repaint.

Although it was first created for automotive use, this top-notch, flexible material can now be found in various industries like marine, aviation, and high-performance motorsports.

Moreover, every KAVACA Paint Protection Film installation at certified Ceramic Pro installation centers gets recorded in the vehicle’s service history report through Carfax. Plus, the installation process is seamless. 

If your vehicle’s protection is your top priority, KAVACA paint protection film is an exceptional solution. It’s also much more affordable than you’d think.

So, if you’re thinking about investing in paint protection film in 2023, contact the team at Ceramic Pro Elite West Kansas City for a free vehicle inspection and estimate.

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