What’s the Best Ceramic Window Tint in Kansas City?

Let’s get real for a second – buying the best ceramic window tint in Kansas City is quickly becoming a necessity. But what are the reasons why new car, truck, and SUV owners want window film in Lenexa in the first place?

There are generally three motivating factors that guide this buying decision.

First – you’re looking for improved heat rejection to keep the inside of your vehicle cooler – without using more resources to operate the air conditioning. This is important during the summer, when heat and insane humidity are common with Kansas and Missouri.

Second – if you’re gonna invest in a top-notch window film, you gotta make sure it comes with a lifetime warranty and adds value to your car, truck, or SUV in Johnson County.

Third – if you’re looking for a ceramic window film that comes in various VLTs or shades, you can totally customize the style and curb appeal of your car, truck, and SUV.

Most vehicle owners get window tint installed when they first get their car. Well, with car sales picking up again and the microchip issues getting sorted out, it’s become quite the hot topic these days.

So, if you’re looking for ceramic window film in Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village, Lees Summit, and other cities in Johnson County, this article will serve as your roadmap, to allow you to make an informed decision.

What is Ceramic Tint for Cars?

There are many types of window film that are offered by window tint installers in Kansas City. Some of them are focused on auto restyling, providing UV protection, or heat rejection. But – by far, the film that offers the best value across the board is ceramic tint.

So, what’s so great about ceramic tint in Kansas City?

A ceramic window tint is a modern film, that offers the best bang for your buck. It’s created using advanced technology, high-quality raw materials, and precision manufacturing processes.

So, here’s the thing – it’s basically replacing those outdated metallic window tints that tend to block electronic signals, like radios, cell phones, and even satellite services. You know, like XM Radio and your vehicle’s Wi-Fi signal.

You can install this window tint on the rear windows, front windows, and in some cases, even on the windshield. It’s great because it blocks infrared rays, keeps out UV light, and offers advanced solar protection.

A good ceramic tint will also help a lot in reducing the risk of skin cancer while driving.

You have the option to buy them in different dark tint percentages or go for a nearly transparent VLT. The top industry leaders, such as Ceramic Pro, have moved away from cheap dyed tint and now offer nano carbon or nano ceramic films instead.

How is Ceramic Tint for Cars in Kansas City Designed?

You might be wondering; how does a ceramic film manage to block UV rays and solar energy without interfering with radio signals? Well, it’s no easy feat! To achieve this, the film incorporates ceramic technology, or more specifically, nano-ceramic technology, in multiple layers. Pretty impressive, right?

Kavaca PPF Layers 600x474 1 CP Elite West Kansas City | Ceramic Coating, PPF, Window TintThink of this comparison. When a space vehicle renters the earth’s atmosphere, it is exposed to extreme heat due to friction produced by traveling more than 15,000 miles per hour and hitting dense air.

Modern ceramic window tinting films are like old school ceramic tiles, used on The Space Shuttle. They reflect heat vs absorbing it.

The ceramic car window tint itself is comprised of five independent layers:

  • The top layer is what your kids and annoying friends touch once the tint is installed in your vehicle. It’s called the ‘hard coat’ and it’s infused with tiny ceramic particles that help reflect UV and infrared radiation.
  • The second layer is made of a transparent polyester sheets’ material. Its main purpose is to give the window tint some rigidity and strength, while also helping to minimize scratching.
  • The third layer is what we call the laminate adhesive. This is where the magic of ceramic tint happens, with its exceptional heat rejection properties. It’s got these tiny nano ceramic particles that work like a shield, blocking the sun’s rays from getting into your vehicle. And hey, it’s also the part that determines how dark or light the tint looks, known as visible light transmission (VLT).
  • Now, let’s talk about the fourth layer – it’s like a see-through polyester material. Think of it as the second layer, the bread in our ceramic tint sandwich.
  • The last layer is known as the mounting adhesive. It’s like the ‘glue’ that lets the tint stick to the window. And with a ceramic tint, this adhesive even has special nanoparticles that make the bond cleaner and more secure. That means the film lasts longer compared to regular ones.

What Makes Ultimate IR the Best Ceramic Tint?

At the start of this article, we talked about the three main factors that many vehicle owners consider when choosing a premium window film. You might have noticed that we didn’t mention the price. But don’t worry, we’ll get to that too!

The main reason is that when you’re on the hunt for the best product, price isn’t as crucial as the value it brings to the table.

Opting for cheap window tint might save you a few bucks upfront. But here’s the catch: that older type of tinting material tends to crack, turn purple, or fade over time. And guess what? Eventually, you’ll end up shelling out a lot of cash to remove those low-quality tints.

And when it comes to the best value in ceramic tint for 2023, Ceramic Pro’s latest innovation KAVACA Ultimate IR is the leader in the clubhouse.

Reason #1 – Industry Leading Heat Rejection

When you get a luxury window film installed on your vehicle, the main thing people look for is how well it keeps out the heat or blocks infrared rays.

Heat rejection is achieved by reflecting infrared radiation before it enters the vehicle’s interior. In the past, window films used metallic or crystalline materials in the tint, but this resulted in reduced radio, cell phone, and satellite signals. Additionally, they only blocked up to about 85% of infrared (IR) rays.

It’s got that perfect blend of nanoceramic particles and IR-blocking materials that can block up to 99% of the infrared heat you feel. And guess what? It’s not just about the highest heat rejection in 2023 – it won’t even mess with your cell or satellite signals!

Reason #2 – It’s Available in Multiple VLTs or Shades

Style is crucial, especially when it comes to picking the perfect window tint for your car, truck, or SUV. In fact, did you know that over half of vehicle owners choose window film in Kansas City to give their car windows a whole new look? It’s all about expressing your personal style!

This is usually achieved by incorporating a darker shade or VLT – in accordance with the specific window tint laws in Kansas City, adding an extra touch of style and compliance in one go.

But here’s the thing: a new trend is emerging where people are opting for a 70% VLT or almost see-through tint that not only looks great but also provides excellent heat rejection.

KAVACA Ultimate IR comes in various VLTs or shades, so you can personalize the darkness of your windows for better privacy or lighter shades while keeping the heat out.

In fact, KAVACA Ultimate IR has the highest heat rejection percentage of 70% VLTs on the market.

Reason #3 – Lifetime Warranty on Ultimate IR

Ceramic Pro partnered up with Carfax to create the Appearance Protection Service reporting feature. This cool feature was first developed and launched back in 2018, allowing certified Ceramic Pro installers to easily add coating packages to their clients’ VIN.

A few years ago, Ceramic Pro Americas added Paint Protection Film and Ceramic tint to the lineup of auto restyling services. This allowed them to expand the reporting options for our Appearance Protection Service to include these top-notch offerings.

KAVACA Ultimate IR comes with a Carfax-documented lifetime warranty that covers adhesive failure, peeling, delamination, fading, and cracking. The best part? The warranty is attached to the VIN, so if you decide to sell the vehicle, it transfers to the new owner. Pretty cool, right?

Reason #4 – Improved Clarity

Older metalized window films had a reputation for causing blurry visibility. Although they were great at blocking IR, they also reduced signal transmission. And let’s not forget about reduced visibility with regular window films too!

Ceramic Pro’s Ultimate IR is a fantastic product that not only boosts cellphone signals but also provides unbeatable visual clarity. It’s top-notch quality, no doubt about it!

Whether you go for a sleek limo tint or a nearly transparent 70 percent VLT, you’ll enjoy reduced window glare, improved optical clarity, and top-notch signal strength.

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